What do you need to know Mum is OK?

Monitoring activity of elderly relatives.

This is a brief study of what actually needs to be measured in an elderly persons home to ensure they are OK.  It has to be remembered that CareBubble is designed for people who are feeling vulnerable, and are in danger of falling, just because of their age.  CareBubble can help tremendously with people with age related mental issues, like alzheimer’s and vascular dementia, as we have proved in our our circumstances but it is primarily for people who are, I repeat:

“Feeling Vulnerable”. Continue reading “What do you need to know Mum is OK?”

If Mum went out and got lost. Would you know?

CareBubble can tell you when they are out.

If you have a parent who has some sort of dementia then you know how worrying that can be.  The decline is steady or stepped.  they can seem fine, and then suddenly deteriorate.  The only thing that you can be sure of is that they will get worse.  It does not matter if it is Alzheimer’s or vascular dementia.  The effect is very similar, as both kill off parts of the brain. Continue reading “If Mum went out and got lost. Would you know?”

When they don’t want to be in a home

CareBubble is about keeping people in the home they love.  In the case of my Mum, she has lived there for 58 years, so the idea of moving is a huge wrench.

At CareBubble, we understand that everyone is different. So our system is adaptable to suit their needs and your needs.  What we can do, it help you keep an eye on them, and alert you if something seems not quite right.