The after effects of a bereavement

After a Bereavement.

There is no way to take away the pain of losing someone.  For those of us who have not lost a partner, it is difficult to imagine what it must be like.  Not only is there the huge hole in your life, but also that feeling of mortality for yourself.

The stress involved in this is now well documented, and there is little that can take away the pain.

This manifests itself in many ways. Each of us will respond differently but many of the reactions are recognisable.

The inability to sleep, the increased tiredness emptiness and depression.  If the loss was expected, then you might well expect yourself to be able to cope, but still find it difficult.

Anger, fear, sadness. Are all normal.

Living, eating, sleeping alone for the first time can be a dramatic change if you have been living with someone for many years.  As a son, it was hard when my Dad passed away.  So it is hard to imagine how it was for my Mum after nearly 60 years of being together.

This is where CareBubble can really help and in my own life the time that I realised I needed something to help me keep an eye on Mum.

All of us felt the vulnerability.  Despite having a wonderful sister, who tries to call Mum every day, there were still days that it is just no possible to be in touch every day.  Both my sister and I have full lives, with jobs, partners of our own, children and all of the other things in life that make us so busy.

So for us it is partly a feeling of guilt. Imagine if Mum fell over, and we did not talk to her for a couple of days?  She could be lying there waiting for someone to find her.  Unable to move.

For Mum, we can take away a part of her fear.  The fear of being left alone.

CareBubble takes away a part of that feeling of vulnerability. It cannot take away the pain, but it can make all parties relax more. In the knowledge that if something did go wrong, then we will be warned.

My Mum has the first prototype. This means I can check online and be sure she has been about the house active this evening.  It might be too late to call now, but I can go to bed in the knowledge that:

“Mum is OK”

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